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                  Mission to Space Winners Announced


                  To celebrate the release of Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, in cinemas now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Code Club challenged fans across the world to learn how to code and create their own animation about Shaun and Lu-La’s adventures!

                  There were over 680 baa-rilliant entries from 35 different countries to the Shaun the Sheep: Mission to Space competition, all showing Shaun and Lu-La having some amazing adventures! The team at Aardman and the Raspberry Pi Foundation had the tricky job of narrowing them down to just 12 winners – it was originally going to be 10, but there were just too many good entries to choose from!

                  Congratulations to the following winners – click the links to watch their full animations!

                  Ali (aged 10) from Iraq

                  Rami (aged 10) from Iraq

                  Nogah (aged 10) from Israel

                  Ron (aged 11) from Israel

                  Alisa (aged 14) from Israel

                  Pierre (aged 8) and Lilyrose (aged 9) from France

                  Lithuli (aged 10) from Sri Lanka

                  Cashel (aged 10) from Malaysia

                  Audrey (aged 11) from the South West, UK

                  Hannah (aged 8) from Yorkshire and Humber, UK

                  Manas (aged 10) from the West Midlands, UK

                  Burak (aged 9) from London, UK

                  If you’re interested in learning coding but didn’t get chance to enter the competition – don’t worry! Visit the Code Club website to find out how you can start a club in your school, or how about visiting Shaun’s Game Academy to learn how to build your own Shaun the Sheep game!

                  Posted by katie 1 year 3 weeks ago