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                  Create Your Own Shaun the Sheep Personalised Birthday Video Message!


                  Do you know a Shaun the Sheep fan with a birthday coming up soon? Thanks to a new service from Funwisher, you can now create a special personalised Shaun the Sheep video to wish them a great day!

                  Simply enter their name, age (and even a photo!) and you will create a special mini-episode featuring Shaun and the Flock to send to your loved ones. Don’t have any birthdays coming up soon? You can also choose to buy a voucher to use at a later date.

                  As well as receiving your video, a percentage of each sale will support a charity that Aardman works with – you can choose from either The Grand Appeal, The Childen’s Sleep Charity or Brake Road Safety Charity.

                  Start making your video now by visiting: https://shaun.video

                  Posted by katie 3 months 2 weeks ago